Where to get Great Gear in Dublin 1972 & Pia Bang 1967

Although it’s a old post we just had to share this…groovy.

Brand New Retro

gearsamantha-drury-lane-boutique99 boutique Parnell st D1 oconnors

All of the above scanned from a supplement published by New Spotlight in March, 1972 aimed at young people travelling to Dublin for the weekend using CIE’s Great Train Robbery offer of cheap weekend return train fares.

One of the boutiques mentioned, Pia Bang, had opened for business 6 years earlier. We’ve included a scan of a feature about its owner from 1967 (scanned from Womans Way Jan, 1967 )


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Building your Retro outfit: A guide for the perfect 1950’s look

As Coco Chanel once said, “If a woman is badly dressed, people notice her dress. If a woman is well-dressed, it is her that people notice.” If you’re a fan of the 1950’s look, you’ll know that it takes a few layers to make the look complete and really emulate that true vintage style.

 vintage underwearThe foundation of any outfit is the underwear. A dress can be the most fabulous piece of clothing you’ve ever laid eyes on, but without the right underwear or shapewear it’s difficult to achieve that 1950’s oldschool glamour. If you’re wearing the wrong bra size in particular, not only is it bad for your back, but it will have an impact on how a dress or top sits. Put simply; if it doesn’t fit, it wont flatter! For most of the styles we carry, bodysuits are an excellent choice and will give an added boost of confidence under clothing.

Another layer to the look is petticoats, sometimes called underskirts. Here at Retro, we sell some fabulous, soft and fluffy petticoats in a rainbow range of colours. All thepetticoat-jade-p2502-10603_image petticoats are designed to give extra volume to the full skirts that adorn many of our dresses. We have a selection of full length and small length petticoats in store. While it isn’t essential to wear one, the underskirts do add a finishing touch that compliments the vintage look and they add a fantastic effect when twirling or dancing the night away.

A common misconception with the 1950’s look is that heels are often believed to be necessary. This isn’t always the case, as ballet pumps with or without peep-toes, ankle boots, loafers, or flat lace-ups can also accentuate and evoke the era whilst providing comfort. There are of course some styles which look best with heels, but it isn’t always essential.

red lipstick eyeliner mascaraSome essentials we would recommend for any outfit would be your favourite red lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. Often it is an understated look that really highlights the glamour of the 1950’s era.

Vintage reproduction fashion and style is our passion at Retro. If you love the look as much as we do, call in and we’ll be delighted to help you work out what vintage look works best for you.


Spooky Season

Whether its adding a few more skulls to your everyday look or combining clothes & makeup for a full Halloween makeover this is the week to let your spooky side shine through! And we have some great options in stock at the moment!


If your October wardrobe isn’t inspired by Tim Burton are you even doing it right?


Add a little Halloween to you look with a tee or new handbag.


This band jacket can be used in about a 100 different Halloween costumes but still look fantastic as an everyday piece.



This incredible monster print dress is back in stock now!


No glam gothic outfit is complete without a stunning steel boned corset like this.

Or maybe you are looking for something a little more glam than spooky? We have a great selection of 1950’s style dresses and petticoats and some brilliant printed shirts for those looking for a 70’s vibe.



Perfect 1950’s Mad Men style dress


So if you fancy adding a little scare to your flair this Halloween season pay us a visit and we will be happy to help!

Brand Spotlight: Erstwilder

img_0383Erstwilder is a quirky vintage inspired Australian brand that designs and produces collectible, limited-edition resin jewellery. And we are just crazy about it here in Retro HQ! 

It all started in 2011, when artist Louisa Camille began sketching cute little creatures in a studio in Melbourne. Since then the brand has grown internationally and the range has expanded greatly too. Erstwilder now work with a team of local designers in Melbourne whose own personalities and passions influence their collections in the most amazing ways. The team at Erstwilder all share a love of animals and draw lots of inspiration from all things vintage, rockabilly, pinup and retro.


However, character design is only part of the process; “each piece in the Erstwilder collection has its own narrative including a unique name and short story homaging history, myth, pop-culture and classic storytelling.  And our focus on design flows through to the packaging which makes an Erstwilder character the perfect gift for anyone who loves to accessorise.” Yes…even the packaging is amazing! You only have to search the hashtag #Erstwilder on Instagram to see how this brand is the perfect accessory to any vintage inspired outfit. You can also check out the amazing collections some people have too…we can only dream!

If you ask us, an outfit isn’t complete without a touch of fun or whimsy and Erstwilder designs are perfect for this. So pop in, or contact us on Facebook, to pick up your own little piece of Erstwilder.



Wedding Season Retro Style

As a wedding guest, finding the perfect outfit can be a tricky task, especially if your calendar is full of upcoming wedding celebrations. If you find yourself worried about re-wearing an outfit multiple times just remember accessories are you friends here! The same dress with a different coloured petticoat/shoes/hat combo will look pretty different. Here are a few tips to help steer you towards an outfit you will love for wedding season.

retro cherry print dress

Add a red petticoat and shoes to this floral & cherry print vintage style dress for Summer weddings.

Avoid plain white….and any shade too close like pale ivory and cream. This should really go without saying. After all, you never want to be confused for the bride. A brightly patterned dress with a white base is fine as long as it is NOT predominantly white.

Normally we are all about flaunting fashion rules but a wedding ceremony is not the time to flash all the flesh so if you have a low neckline go for a longer hemline and visa-versa.

Dress codes can be a bit daunting so when in doubt, overdress. It’s hard to look too formal at most weddings and you can always sneakily lose or add an accessory or two if need be.

wedding guest outfit

Navy & red is a classic combo for a reason!

Despite what your nanna may have told you, it’s totally acceptable to wear black to a wedding! We would suggest adding a pop of colour with your accessories though. Think jewels tones for an Autumn/Winter wedding and bolder primary colours for Spring/Summer weddings.


We are open 7 days a week and always happy to help you find a dress for a special occasion. Pop in and visit us to see our full range of stock in the Georges Street Arcade, Dublin 2 or contact us on (01) 6337891.

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Goodbye Winter Wardrobe

How To Store Your

It’s almost that time of year where we get to break out our summer clothes and hide away the Winter layers for a few (hopefully) glorious months of sunshine! However, even though you’re probably dying to chuck your heavy jumpers, jeans and coats into the back of a wardrobe or up into the attic, it’s a bad idea to just ball them up and forget about them for months on end. So we have done some research on your behalf and condensed everything you need to know about clothes storage into 5 handy tips!

 1. Clean clothes last longer.

The biggest and most effective tip is to wash your clothes before packing them away for the season. Cleaning the clothing will help repel pests that are naturally attracted to our everyday scents, such as perfume, food and deodorant. It also reduces stains that would firmly set in if left on the clothing for the storage duration. And it means no musty clothes when you go to unpack them in a few months!


2. Commit “CCDD” to memory.

This means Cool, Clean, Dry and Dark. The last thing you want is your storage environment to be is too damp, too hot, too bright, or too dusty. All of these factors could damage clothing. Choose the best storage space available to you and check on your clothes once or twice during the Summer.

3. Bins not bags.

Plastic vacuum bags might be great for making the most of your storage space but most experts warn against them since you suck out all the air and clothes need to breathe. Plastic tubs/bins are perfect for lots of items like t-shirts, jeans or synthetic fabrics. Just be sure you pack things loosely to maximize air flow.  Fabric storage bins or totes are also a great option. Add a few cedar balls and a lavender sachet to keep things pest free and smelling fresh.

To make unpacking easier once the cold weather returns keep similar items together. For delicate items like silk, organza or cashmere, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper and loosely pack them away.

4. Don’t hang wool.

If woollen items are left hanging for long periods of time they can become badly misshapen beyond repair. It’s best to close all zippers and buttons, fold or loosely roll them and place the heaviest items at the bottom. Moths (well actually moth larvae – yuck!) love wool and will happily chomp through your winter woolies when in storage so we strongly suggest adding some cedar balls in with your woolen items.


5. Footwear.

Another item that can become slouchy, misshapen and creased from being shoved carelessly away under the bed or in the back of your closet are your good leather or suede boots, especially taller styles.  Store bought boot-forms can do wonders when it comes to maintaining the shape of boots or, if you want a cheap & cheerful option, pool noodles or rolled up newspapers also work well. When storing smaller shoes, ankle-boots or loafers, loosely pack them with tissue paper before putting them away. It is best to wipe all soles with anti-bacterial wipes before storing footwear to help avoid mould.


Say goodbye Winter & hello Summer!!

Now all that’s left to do is unpack your Summer favourites and maybe go on a little shopping spree to pick up a few new Summer essentials…we’ve picked out a few of our favourites below!

We know it’s a cliche but you can’t go wrong with Spring/Summer florals!



Tea-dresses are always a Summer must have.



These two are perfect to wear to Summer weddings



And something tropical for the boys too!

The Look of Love

It’s February and love is already in the air here at Retroshop Dublin. We love the January is finally over! We love that the Georges Street Arcade now has a great pizza joint, Dave’s Pizza, because pizza = life!! And we love that we get to help you pick a stunning outfit for Valentine’s Day (or, you know, any night out seeing how dry January is over)!

So take a little look at our outfit recommendations for February:

Romantic Dinner Date

Sleeves, a nipped in waist and a full skirt make these cute dresses just purrfect for heading out to your favourite restaurant with the date of your dreams.


Down The Local

Heading for a few quiet pints or G&Ts doesn’t mean you can’t still add a bit of uniqueness to your outfit. A wiggle skirt is a great way to add style to a fun, printed tshirt.


Dinner & A Show

Add a bit of drama with one of our gorgeous midi-skirts and a petticoat. We love these crossover ballet tops with them…just add a quirky brooch, necklace or scarf!


Gig Night

Tartan and lace or a corset and lace? Either looks fantastic if you are headed to any great gigs this month. Just add docs or killer platforms so you can handle the pit!


Culture Date

Heading to one of Ireland’s many museums is a great way to spend a daytime date. If vintage style is your thing you know it’s not just a night time look so grab a 50’s inspired outfit and get your culture on!!


Pop in and visit us to see our full range of stock in the Georges Street Arcade, Dublin 2 or contact us on (01) 6337891.

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Brands Spotlight: Hearts & Roses

When deciding which brands to offer in out little shop we always look for brands that are as unique as our customers are. Hearts & Roses is one such brand. From flattering fits to prints that pop, their styles come straight from their time capsule to make gals of all shapes and sizes pinup-perfect and rockabilly-ready.

The adventure of Hearts & Roses started in the streets of London’s famed Camden Market, where many known fashion brands began. Hearts & Roses is an alternative fashion label crafting primarily rockabilly, vintage and gothic inspired clothing.

The fabulous cuts and colours they use is what initially attracted us to this great brand and we are so happy to be able to offer their stock on Irish shores. Their in-house designers produce fresh prints from a vault of vintage styles. Known for its great fabrics and original retro style prints, Hearts & Roses brings timeless fashion to today’s audience managing to be fresh and retro at the same time.

Pop in and visit us to see our full range of stock from H&R.

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Best Shops in Ireland: Vote Retro!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 21.00.31.png

 The Irish Times Best Shops in Ireland 2016 competition is back. Now in its 5th year they’re looking for shops that really stand-out, that go the extra mile in terms of service and that make customers feel that they are welcomed & appreciated in store.

The contest is based on the public’s nominations across a number of categories. The shops that garner the highest number of nominations are reviewed by a panel of judges. Readers nominate their favourite shops and their comments are read by a panel of journalists. These comments are then considered by the judges to help them select a shortlist.

We would be so excited to even get shortlisted and that’s where you come in! So how do you nominate us? You simply go to irishtimes.com/bestshops and name Retro as a favourite shop,  add our postal address (Dublin 2) and select the category you would like to nominate us in (we suggest Best Specialist Shop or Best fashion shop).

Why vote for us? Retro is a hidden gem in the George’s St Arcade, and we have been open for over 25 years. The idea stemmed from the lack of vintage pieces in Dublin city, as well as the difficulty in finding sizes in vintage clothes – that moment when you like something and it doesn’t fit. At Retro customers can find sized pieces for men and woman that go from a size 8 to an 18.

Retro is run by an amazing team who have their roots and passion in vintage. We know what we are talking about when it comes to retro styling. The store to specialise in reproduction vintage dresses from the 1940’s and 50’s, all cut from original patterns. Combine this with contemporary materials, and you have a fabulously flattering dress which has comfort and stretch.


We’ve been in the Georges Street Arcade for over 25 years!

Over the years, Retro has attracted customers from all over the world. Celebrities such as Noel Fielding, Nicky Wire from Manic Street Preachers, Imelda May, Blondie and Lana Del Rey among others visit the shop when they’re in the country.

We are not just about dresses, you can also find 1950’s petticoats, burlesque corsets, quirky jumpers, accessories with a sense of humour and also some great menswear. The shop is jammed packed with products and our lovely staff will help you find the perfect outfit every time!

More details

There are 10 categories:

  • Best food and/or drink shop
  • Best tea shop / cafe
  • Best fashion shop
  • Best gift or craft shop
  • Best salon
  • Best bookshop
  • Best specialist shop
  • Best visual merchandising
  • Best design/homewares
  • Best family-run shop

There are 7 judges for Best Shops 2016. They are:

  • John Redmond, creative director at the Brown Thomas Group
  • Eddie Shanahan, fashion and retail consultant
  • Simon Pratt, MD of Avoca
  • Deirdre McQuillan, fashion editor of the Irish Times
  • Sarah Halliwell, beauty editor,The Gloss columnist at The Irish Times covering shopping and interiors
  • Robert Doherty is head of product and Clover at AIB Merchant Services, which is a sponsor of Best Shops 2016
  • Alanna Gallagher columnist at The Irish Times covering shopping and interiors
  • The judging panel is chaired by Orna Mulcahy, Editor – Audience Relationships.